Tunnels of Blood

Tunnels of Blood
Cirque Du Freak #3
Darren Shan
4 Stars
Epub, 139 Pages

Darren finds out more about his mentors past and about how the Vampire Society is setup. There is a splinter faction called the Vampaneze who kill when they feed. One goes rogue in the city Mr Crepsley grew up in, so he goes with Darren to take him out.

I am still being impressed by this series. While aimed at the Young Adult crowd, this book is written well enough to give them something to hold other books up to.

The writing itself is tight and clean, the story flows well, the characters are interesting [without having pages upon pages of selfish self-introspection] and the villains are slowly introduced so as to create a feel of “Villainy and Scum” in the background.

I’m not a big vamp fan, but this I would recommend to the Harry Potter group, mainly to show them that a good story CAN be told in a book that isn’t the size of the Bible.

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