Crosstime Engineer

Crosstime Engineer
Conrad Stargard # 1
Leo Frankowski
2 Stars
Epub, 231 Pages

Oh man. What a train wreck. The author was a true engineer. He is obsessed with sex [probably because he wasn’t ever getting any] and discussing in excruciatingly detail every modern wonder Conrad the character wants.
I work with engineers, so this made me laugh, because it is just how an engineer would write a piece of fiction. Of course, it is sad also, given how pathetic this story was.

what a joke. A polish engineer is transported back in time to around 1200 in Poland. He sets out to make a difference. You can tell this was written by an engineer. Sex was second to the explanations of how each improvement Conrad wanted worked. I skipped pages at a time when stuff got technical. Not worth anyone’s money.

And finally, Frankowski is a pedophile. I think that is pretty obvious from the story too [any one think 14 is ok? I sure hope not!]

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