The Emerald Storm (Riyria Revelations #4)

The Emerald Storm

Riyria Revelations #4

Michael Sullivan

4 Stars

Nice to read a story in which Hadrian and Roy aren’t all powerful 🙂 Really enjoyed this. However, the vague hints of impending doom concern me [since we only have 2 books left]. Looking forward to see how the author pulls it off.

yet another rollicking chapter in the Riyria Revelations tale. Royce and Hadrian get their butts kicked, only they don’t realize it until near the end of the book. Was good to see that they weren’t all powerful characters with no weaknesses. Vague hints portend some horrible Event in the near future, which with only 2 books to go, makes me kind of nervous. The only bad thing I have to say about this was the formatting of the file itself, not the story. There were numerous [over 10] cases where words were kind of piled into eachother, ie, “He would have loto hurt him some” which translated would be “He would have loved to hurt him some”. Also, there were orphan html commands, notably paragraph or line break commands. Will buy another copy sometime and see if it is a store thing or just a bad release by the author/publisher.

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