Snow Crash

Snow Crash
Neal Stephenson
4 Stars
Epub, 520 pages

Not being a fan of cyberpunk, I was not expecting to enjoy this, at all.

I enjoyed it, a lot. I think the religious stuff was a tad overdone, but other than that, really enjoyed the idea and the kick butt action.

A kooky rich eccentric is trying to take over everyone’s brains with some sort of mental virus. Lots of references to old religions, etc, etc. Very fast paced, action packed and ends with a bang. And swords. Wicked cool.

4 thoughts on “Snow Crash

  1. I luv this book.
    I fell off the couch the first time I read the name ‘Hiro Protagonist’.
    I have actually read this one three times.
    I am a fan of Neal Stevenson up until ‘Reamde’. Then he lost me, but everything to that point is amazing.
    Have you read anything else by this author?

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  2. I’ve read ‘Zodiac’, ‘Snow Crash’, ‘Cryptonomicon’, ‘The Diamond Age’, ‘Quicksilver’, ‘The Confusion’, ‘The System of the World’, and ‘Anathem’. I really enjoyed them all. I think he has written two or three beyond these, but I have not cared to read any more since ‘Reamde’.

    I liked the flashback to WWII parts of ‘Crytonomicon’ better than the contemporary parts.

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