Servant of the Empire

Servant of the Empire
Empire #2
Raymond Feist & Janny Wurts
4 Stars
Epub, 627 Pages

Lady of the Acoma continues to survive the politics. Ends up with all the slaves being exchanged, the Minwanabi being outmaneuvered [and then all Minwanabi blood killed by the head of the Minwanabi in spite] and serious political changes on Kelewan. I suspect the next book will deal with the Assembly of the magicians. I enjoyed this, but not quite as much as Daughter of the Empire, mainly because things were a bit more complicated. And adding the slave Kevin to the mix just made things more emotional. Without being cool. Glad he is gone and I hope he stays gone.

I enjoyed this “almost” as much as the first. However, the inclusion of Kevin really didn’t work that well for me. I’m glad he was dealt with as he was at the end of the book.

Lots of politic’ing without nearly as much action as the first book. Other than that, it was cool to see how things played out after Milamber’s meddling…

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