Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

– Seth Grahame-Smith

– Rating: One Half Star


-drek- take a classic, gut it completely of all things that make it great literature, keep the outershell, fill with crap. And voila, this is what you get. All the great writing was gone. The bare character outlines were there, and zombies and violence were tacked on.

This sub-genre is a despicable thing, and if I ever meet the author, or others like him [for I know that other classics have had such eviscerations], I will do bodily harm to them. They have taken great literature and ruined it, completely.

Made it palatable to a group of readers who couldn’t recognize great literature if it bit their heads off. Which is sad, because now those readers will never go on to read the real thing, and stay in their cesspit of ignorance instead of being raised up.




12 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

  1. Nothing is sacred anymore…I get the thing about mixing-genres-reboots, but the marketing and publishing establishments are stretching it too far.

    Have you ever watched TWD?

    Series one. Fight some zombies. Fight some bad guys. Move.
    Series two. Fight zombies. Move. Fight bad guys. Find a place to stay.
    Series 3. Fight zombies. Fight bad guys.
    Series 4. Fight zombies. Fight more bad guys. Move.
    Series 5 -…

    It has been hit with the law of diminishing returns. It also hasn’t helped that it stopped being about the dead a long time ago, the zombies are now incidental, like barely registered background music. When it comes to the survivors there is no humanity left to them, and they are just props to be taken out akin to Nazis in a WW2 movie. They’re also not a real threat – in 28 days later style zombie flicks, the sense of danger is unrelenting.

    Some “literature” is going where no man should dare to go…

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    1. First, how did you come across this? I back dated it to 2010. Do you get email notifications or did it show up in your feed? I’m curious because I’ll probably be working on doing the same thing for other reviews that don’t have their own entry.
      With Booklikes going under for “maintenance” for 2 days, I got worried. This weekend is going to be a real working time to finish up all my offline reviews. Only have 200’ish more to do.

      I’ll respond to the rest of your comment when my next SaBB post appears this afternoon (the reason I created this post just so I could link to it} 😀

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    2. I have not watched TWD. Not a big fan of the “no end in sight” kind of mentality.
      And from what I’ve heard from others, I wouldn’t like the characters. So I’ve never even been tempted.

      There was a SF show based on the same premise as TWD. A group fighting an alien invasion and all they did was fight and run and it was mostly about the dynamics between the people. I gave up after 2 seasons and can’t even remember the name of the show now. That tells me all I need to know now 🙂

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    1. Yo Ola,
      just like I asked Antao, how did you come across this post? While I posted it last night, I backdated it to 2010. Did it show up in your feed or are you email subscribed?

      I’m writing another “Surviving a Bad Book” post this afternoon and this is the one I’m linking too.

      I think the only people who should read this sub-genre are those who eat twinkies, drink beer and live on the dole.

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    1. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve got a lot of work to get this blog in shape if I want to make it really accessible and link worthy. If I embark on a journey like that, I’ll have to let people know so they don’t get flooded. That might be a good idea for next year 😀

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