First Lord’s Fury

First Lord’s Fury
Codex Alera #6
Jim Butcher
5 Stars
epub, 457 pages

the final stand in Alera. The Vord queen has been “corrupted” by human emotions, and Tavi makes the most of that. A last stand back in Calderon, Kitai and Tavi end up killing the Vord queen. Tavi becomes First Lord. Alera makes alliances with other races, in preparation for the time they will have to invade the Canim homeland to destroy the Vord there.

A good ending place, but leaving so many huge threads that sequels seem almost a given.

Update: According to Butcher, there will NOT be any more Codex Alera books, as he will be concentrating on that despicable villian Dresden that everybody seems to love, sigh.
Per this link:

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