Dust of Dreams

Dust of Dreams

Malazan Book of the Fallen #9

Steven Erikson


2 Stars

946 Pages


Overall, this was nearly as bad as Toll the Hounds, in that everyone whined and complained about the harshness and meaninglessness of life. If they really felt like how they talked, they would have killed themselves off.

The very FEW action parts to this book were great, but were so far and few between that they were lost in this mammoth volume.

With the tone of the series turning soapbox’ish and not about the action, I can no longer recommend this series. The action, the politics, the maneuvering, it is all gone, given over to mindless rants about philosophical whines by people who shouldn’t be ABLE to whine philosophically.

Dreading the final book but also looking forward to it just to end this nightmare. This series has devolved into a kind of Terry Goodkind preachiness.

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