The Warded Man

The Warded Man

Demon Cycle #1

Peter Brett


5 Stars


A world several thousand years after ours. The night belongs to demons, which rise out of the core of the earth and destroy life where ever they can find it. Wards, drawn symbols, are humanity’s only defense against them. Defensive wards are all that are available to humanity. A prophesied savior, the Deliverer, is supposed to restore humanity’s ability to fight back.

Follows 3 main characters, Arlen, Leesha and Rojer. Arlen becomes a messenger and finds a lost city of new offensive wards. Leesha becomes a villages Herb Gatherer and makes up new wards. Rojer is a jongleur who can play the violin and charm demons. In the end, Arlen is betrayed by a kingdom based on arab culture [big surprise there] but wards himself and starts to teach the hamlets how to fight back.

Brutal. While not graphic, very bad things happen and you are not left in doubt about what those bad things are. Extremely well written and it just pulled me right to the end. A book I was excited to be reading. Good stuff.


4 thoughts on “The Warded Man

    1. Weeeeeeeelllllll,
      I haven’t gotten around to putting the others up, but I stopped at book 3 or 4. It was more about the Kratian(not sure of spelling) culture and that was just extremely unpleasant. I’m pretty sure I put up the last book I read in this series, so if you click on the Demon Cycle tag, it should bring that up as well. Just so you have the balance…

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