Cobra Alliance (Cobra War #1)

Cobra Alliance

Cobra War #1

Timothy Zahn

246 Pages

2 Stars


A start of a new Cobra trilogy. However, it doesn’t start very promising in my opinion.

In the other cobra books, Zahn starts each new story with a new generation and doesn’t include the old generation very much at all. A clean break. It worked well.

He doesn’t do that here.

Jin Moreau Broom gets a message for help from Qasam and it turns out another Troft Demesne is taking it over to kidnap all the spine leopards to let loose on the main Cobra World to distract the Cobra’s while they take over the Cobra Worlds. It deals with Jin, some of her children and a bunch of Cobra-wannabe Qasamans.

Zahn focuses more on the Qasamam “cobras” than on the real ones. And the whole Qasaman paranoia thing wore thin. Let the Cobra’s kick Troft butt. And that just wasn’t what was happening.


Given this is a trilogy, the storyline is going to be stretched out, but still, this opening felt weak compared to the first 2 cobra books. Of course, time and memory might be biasing me against it.

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