Brandon Sanderson
4 Stars
588 Pages

an interesting stand-alone story. People can give their “breath” [life essence] to another person and it enhances certain aspects of perception.

The overall story deals with a kingdom split in the past that are now being manipulated to go to war by a third country. Deals with people who were present at the first split 300 years ago and how they are either trying to make up for what they did or running away from it.

My first thought was how much like Mistborn it was, but it was different enough that it didn’t feel like a copy. There was a lot of humor and I just laughed out loud several times.

I would like to see Sanderson explore this world or the Elantris world more. But given his involvement in the finishing up of The Wheel of Time series, that is doubtful. This was a worthwhile read.

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