Looking Glass #4
John Ringo
Travis Taylor
2 Stars
443 pages

the next Adventures of the Vorpal Blade II.

Two Guns is married, Dr Weaver is a sidelined character and Miriam [the genius linguist who hears the voice in the ship] has taken over from Mimi for weird/genius female role. The ship finds a big artifact, and in order to deny it to the Dreen, figure it out. Turns out to be a big, solar system sized entertainment system. They turn it into a weapon to fight the Dreen. And there are some bio-engineered purple crab thingies that turn out to be Dreen eaters. So the Dreen are fought off, again, and the Alliance of humans, cheerick and hexohaurs[or whatever] have a bit of breathing room.

I got this as a free download off of Baenbooks, and I have to say, I am glad I don’t own this in pbook format. What a waste of paper that would be.

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