Twilight (Twilight Saga#1)


Twilight Saga #1

Stephanie Meyer


3 Stars



17year old girl moves in with her dad in a small town in Washington. Going to her highschool are what turn out to be 5 vampires. She falls in love with one, and he with her. They are ‘vegetarian’ vamps, eating only animal blood. Another group of vamps come in and one is taken with the girl. He decides to hunt her. The vege-vamps rally around her and save her and destroy the bad vamp.

This is the epitome of young-girl romanticism. Undying love, mysterious rugged lover, etc, etc. Meyer’s did a good job of capturing what it feels like to be in love for the first time. I suspect that the girl will be turned in later novels.

I kind of enjoyed this, a guilty, embarrassing pleasure.




6 thoughts on “Twilight (Twilight Saga#1)

    1. Well, in my defense, this was almost 10 years ago and the whole “good vampire” thing hadn’t quite destroyed the evil creatures we all know and love.

      Sadly, I can’t use the “It was new and exciting” excuse, as at that time it was almost 4 years old ๐Ÿ˜‰

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