Rule of Evidence

Rule of Evidence
JAG in Space #3
John Hemry
3 stars
276 pages

On a joint mission, the sister ship of Sinclair’s ship blows up. On board is Sinclairs girlfriend, Jen Shen. She is implicated and court-martialed. Everything is circumstantial and unprovable, but Shen is the scapegoat. Sinclair uses his parents former military pull to find some problems about a new engineering piece of equipment. Turns out the equipment wasn’t ready and Shen is exonerated. They become engaged.

Now, what I thought of these three books. It pretty much is the same for all 3. Very slow, and not until at least halfway through does the main plot start to form. Until then you just have a description of life shipboard and everything. The legal stuff is very legal, and hence dry. Interesting, but definitely not something you’d get excited about. I think these could be a precursor series to the Lost Fleet series, before Space had been divvied up.

Definitely in no rush to get the final book now. I can wait.

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