The Red Badge of Courage

The Red Badge of Courage
Stephen Crane
historical classic
2 stars
142 pages

a young man goes to the Civil War full of vim and vigor, all set to conquer everything. He runs away the first time and subsequently fights like a demon in later battles. This was a coming of age story full of the inner thoughts of a boy.

It was pathetic and “very modern”, ie casting doubt and despair on everything. Probably never read it again.

2 thoughts on “The Red Badge of Courage

  1. I read this when I was about fourteen. I don’t remember it making a big impression.

    When ‘The Great American Scream Machine’ roller coaster debuted at Six Flags Over Georgia amusement park in 1970, patrons were awarded a ‘Red Badge of Courage’ for having the guts to ride it. There was a big advertising campaign behind it with a nationally viewed commercial. Kinda weird to make light of something so tragic.

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