Imager Portfolio #1
LE Modesitt, Jr
1 star
432 pages

Another series by Modesitt. I manfully made my way through this, but I don’t plan on reading any more. A world where Imagers exist. People who can “imagine” things into reality, or out of, depending. Follows a young man who is a painter who turns out to be an Imager and his trials and tribulations as he moves up the ranks.
2 things:

1-STOP the confounded preaching! This seemed to be a book on Modesitt’s philosophy and world view. I don’t care! Considering that this has been in other books of his, I decided that I didn’t have to put up with it. It ruins the story and really bogs the plot down with dry boring info that I, the reader, DON’T need to know.

2-I am sick of self-effacing, stoic, perfect people whose only problem seem to be that everybody else is keeping them back. The hero is smarter than everybody, more intelligent, harder working, more ethical, etc, etc and then he goes and says inane things like “well, I’m only trying my best” or such crap. The hero seems like a machine that would do better without people in their world.

So, to end this. Another Modesitt regurgitation that has no really original ideas and is blase and mediocre without the charm that makes Recluce semi-palatable.

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