Jedi Trial

Jedi Trial
Star Wars: Clone Wars
Dan Cragg
David Sherman
2 Stars
345 pages

Anakin earns his Jedi Knight spurs leading the recapture of a planet that has some communications essential to the Republic. And a side story about some people meeting through the battle and falling in love and getting married by Anakin at the end. This was really dumb. Asajj Ventress is displayed prominently on the cover, but she appears twice or thrice, through a holo-projector, that is it. The side story about the couple is forced and adds nothing to this novel. This wasn’t even blase.

Most Star Wars books get an automatic 3 stars from me, no matter how bad I might think they are. However, this was pisspoor crap bordering on 1 star. Sigh, what a fan will do, eh? I mean, I read the WHOLE book. I wonder if I’m crazy?

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