Alector’s Choice

Alector’s Choice
Corean Chronicles #4
LE Modesitt, Jr
3 stars
510 pages

Set thousands of years before the first trilogy. The ifrit’s are cultivating Corus, and another planet Efron, as possible replacements to their current homeworld. Both are vying to be the home of the Master Scepter. This story deals with the Alector [ifrit] and the Cadmium [human] who have to deal with uprisings, etc that threaten to bias the Archon on their current homeworld against Corus.

Overall this story reminded me a LOT more of a Recluce book. It took me over a week to read it and it just didn’t engage me like the original trilogy. Plodding, that is a good word for this book. The 2 main characters were completely un-engaging. The plot has enough stuff hidden way for the future books that I was constantly trying to figure out if something I didn’t understand would be explained later in this book, in another book, or not at all. Not a good thing for a smooth read.

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