Manxome Foe

Manxome Foe
Looking Glass #3
John Ringo
Travis Taylor
3 stars
463 pages

the Vorpal Blade and crew investigate a lost communications outpost. Stumble upon a new species who are being wiped out by the Dreen. Rescue them and come back to earth with the news that the Dreen will arrive within the next 10 years by spaceship. Bergstresser, aka Two-Gun, seems to be taking over as the main protaganist. No Mimi or anything. 😦 Some things felt very shallow though. Like two-gun getting married. He meets a girl, talks to her for all of 4-6hrs, and when he comes back, they are planning on getting married. It just didn’t seem at all plausible.

I still am disappointed in this series though. The first book was JUST so good, oh well.

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