Bridge to Terebithia

Bridge to Terebithia

Katherine Paterson

Middle Grade Coming of Age

5 Stars


Winner of the 1978 Newberry Award. Back in the 70’s in some backwoods place. A 10 year old boy makes friends with a new girl from the city. Together they imagine Terebithia, a magic place safe from all the problems of school, home and the world.

Jess’s world is torn down when Leslie dies one day going to Terebithia when he doesn’t. He stands back up though and continues on and introduces his younger sister to Terebithia, after building a bridge over the river.

This was a very evocative book. It really showed the pain of growing up, of being a kid, the inherent unfairness that is practiced among kids and it showed the freedom available if one puts forth the effort to take it. This was a fantastic book.

One sentence stood out though “It took them a long time to accept there what everyone could see by their TV’s was OK anywhere else“.[italics mine] It just made me realize how susceptible we humans are to having our reality defined by fiction. God spoke Truth. Satan spoke lies. Guess which we chose, and continue to choose?

But this was a fantastic book. Definitely worth a hardcover buy.

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