Joseph Heller


1 Star


This was a novel that I absolutely hated. It was about a man in the airforce, in WWII, named Yossarian who is a cowardly son of a bitch. He thinks of nobody but himself. All his peers die throughout the book due to the war. Comedic, horrible, outrageous, pretentious. Heller takes the worst traits of human nature, throws them all together and presents it as an airforce unit. There was not a single good man in this book. All were cheats, adulterers, cowards, liars, etc, etc. It was not pleasant to read.

The whole thrust of Heller’s book seems to be that humans are totally horrible creatures and that one must do whatever is necessary to survive. Look out for number one. If he was alive today, even if in a wheelchair with an oxygen can, I’d go right up to him and beat the living snot out of him. Satirizing men who gave up their lives for me is not funny imo.

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