Second Foundation

Second Foundation
Foundation #3
Isaac Asimov
3 stars
225 pages

the Mule continues his hunt. Comes head to head with the Second Foundation, loses and never realizes it. After his demise, the First Foundation feels threatened and begins to try to hunt down the Second Foundation so as to be unrivaled. Through some tricky mindstuff, the Second Foundation, which is to be the true guardian of psychohistory, convinces the First Foundation that they have been destroyed. These three novels were written back in the 50’s and they are just good vintage scifi. Simple, easy and yet extremely enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Second Foundation

  1. I have to say, compared to a lot of classic SciFi, these hold up fairly well. Are they as epic as we would like, or hard scifi as we expect now, or politically or economically complicated? No, no and no, but that doesn’t make them less fun or even, important to read. Read these books folks!

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    1. You speak the truth! I was looking and I rated the whole trilogy 3 stars and yet I have great memories of them. I think I need to throw them into the tbr again ๐Ÿ™‚


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