The High King’s Tomb

The High King’s Tomb
Green Rider #3
Kristen Britain
4 stars
679 pages

well, this is turning into a series. A VERY good series to! This deals with King Zachary and more remnants of the Second Empire. An old woman, a necromancer awakened by Mornhavon’s awakening, plans the kidnapping of Estoria, Zachary’s bride to be. This is simply a diversion to allow the Second Empire to use black magic to take down the Deyer Wall. This book focuses on the wall. Alton plays a big part. Find out the history of the land and what happened after Mornhavon’s defeat. I really am looking forward to the rest of this series.

Update-this series was finally updated to book 4 in 2011. And it is a cliffhanger as well. I can no longer recommend this series based upon book 4 [and probably 5, 6 and 7, sigh.]

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