Star Wars: Legacy of the Force #8
Karen Traviss
3 stars
410 pages

well, I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed. Caedus is really slipping. Doesn’t seem like much of a Sithlord at all. The GA fractures when the Duumvirate of Caedus and Niathal splits. Ben proves with evidence that it was Caedus who killed Mara. Jaina gets training from Fett. Fett uncarbonites his wife who has been in it for close to 30 years.

I was mostly disappointed in how lame and shallow the “training” of Jaina was by Fett. Saying things like “be a different person” and then using a real sword instead of a lightsaber. Whatever. Everything takes place in a month too. Just seemed very shallow, and there were no humorous spots to lighten things up like in Fury. And LOTS of humanistic moralizing about Jedi, Sith and what is good and what is wrong. Traviss has ruined it by bringing her 21st century humanistic amoralism to the table.

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