Little Dorrit, Part II

Little Dorrit, Part II
Charles Dickens
4 stars
398 pages

everything comes to an end. Fortunes are lost and gained. In the end, Rigaud dies, Clennam marries Little Dorrit and Doyce [his business parter] goes off to Europe to be wildly successful at inventing things. I think I really enjoyed this Dickens novel the best of all I’ve read so far. I just wanted to keep on reading and find out what happened. I can’t really point out what I liked more than in his other novels, but this is my favorite Dickens, to date.

5 thoughts on “Little Dorrit, Part II

    1. It’s not as famous as some of his other works, but I think it is one of his strongest “Character” books.

      I loved every second of it in ’08 and this time around, it’s still just as enjoyable…

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  1. Your favourite?! Wow! I’m surprised. But I guess I shouldn’t be. My favourite Dickens so far is Martin Chuzzlewit which is just as surprising. I don’t know why. Perhaps it was the mood I was in when I read it but the characters resonated with me more than Dickens characters usually do, as I often feel like I’m reading a cartoon. A Tale of Two Cities also has a special place in my reading-heart, only because it’s somewhat different writing from this master. In any case, I’m glad you enjoyed this one so much!

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