True Colors

True Colors
Star Wars: Republic Commando #3
Karen Traviss
3 stars
472 pages

follows the commandos as they find out more about the war and slowly realize that things are not as presented by Palpatine and the media. Skarata is hunting down the Kaminoan who engineered the clones so she can reverse the “fast aging” so they can live a normal length life. Traviss is really setting things up to tie in with the Legacy books. I didn’t enjoy this novel nearly as much as the first two. The military jargon, the Mando’ese, it was just over used, imo, this time. You have so many different identifications for the same people [usually group oriented] that I felt like I lost track of who was who. Nulls, Alpha’s, ARC’s, Republic Commandos, Delta, Omega, etc, etc. Keeping track of it all really bogged the story down.

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