The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald


1 Star


A man tells a sordid tale about his neighbor and a cousin. The neighbor loved the cousin 5 years ago but left. She married someone else. Her husband cheats on her but is rich. The neighbor comes back rich [from bootleg(illegal liquor, this was in the 20’s) and other shady affairs] and tries to woo the cousin back. The husband gets his revenge by telling his mistress’s husband that the neighbor is actually the mistress’s lover. The neighbor tries to get the cousin to leave with him, she won’t. The mistress’s husband kills the neighbor after the mistress is run over and then kills himself.

Confused yet? This was a story about fallen humanity with no redeeming quality. Why it is a “classic” is beyond me. There is no redemption and there must be in all True Stories.

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