Death of Chaos

Death of Chaos
Saga of Recluce #5
LE Modesitt, Jr
3 stars
640 pages

We come back to Lerris, from The Magic of Recluce. Hamor is slowly taking over the world with machined order. Technology not as good as Ordered Steel, but close enough. Because of that, free Chaos is gathering under Candar and getting ready to explode. Hamor wants to destroy Recluce. Lerris, along with Justen and Gunnar [and their wives] face the Hamorian fleet, give their lives [except Lerris and Krystal] and use up most of the Order [and hence the Chaos] available. Interesting but this whole balance thing, I’m not sure about it. Modesitt doesn’t explain it well enough, so one can’t judge what he is doing with it or if he is just making things up as he goes and gets away with it because the reader has no idea of the underlying rules [or lack thereof]. I plan on reading the rest though.

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