Martin Chuzzlewit Part I

Martin Chuzzlewit Part I

Charles Dickens

568 Pages

4 Stars


A grandfather by that name. A grandson by that name. Both are obstinate and headstrong. Grandfather filthy rich, no direct heir beyond the Grandson, extended family of venial vultures full of greed. Grandfather looked after by a young woman, Grandson in love with said young woman. Grandfather won’t allow marriage. Grandson leaves, strikes out for America. Grandfather begins to sound out other relatives as to worthiness of being his heir. My goodness, this is one of Dickens’ wordiest books ever! The characters go on and on in their fawnings and moralizings and the American Groups do the same about whatever Cause they are supporting, that half the time I have no idea what they are actually talking about. Gets across the idea of them all being windbags, but still. I read a whole page and hadn’t a clue what the talker was blabbing about. Enjoyable though.

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