Reaper Man

Reaper Man
Terry Pratchett
4 stars
353 pages

Death is given his walking papers by servants of Azrael, the Ultimante End. Chaos ensues and Ankh-Morpork is over run with Life force and a City Predator [a mall] begins to evolve. Death faces the New Death [and takes his old job back] and one Un-dead Wizard helps destroy the Mall. Several Laugh Out Loud moments.

4 thoughts on “Reaper Man

  1. I joined ‘Science Fiction Book Club’ sometime back in the early nineties I probably saw an add in the paper. Gee, what a dated reference. Anyways, I think maybe ‘Reaper Man’ was a featured book and I did not fill out the ‘Do Not Send’ card in time before they had sent it, but I ended up liking it and getting many more Pratchetts through that club membership.

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