Star Wars: Legacy of the Force #4
Aaron Allston
4 stars
337 pages

I really enjoyed this. After the “darker and darker’ness” of the last 2 books, this was refreshing. Allston has a humor all his own and it shone through. Ok, Ben is sent on a mission by Jacen, which is really a test of whether he is capable of being Jacen’s sith apprentice. Thankfully, Ben has some revelations and it looks like he is back on the correct path. In the end, Jacen still hasn’t decided who he must sacrifice to become the Sith Master, but he has decided to take out his parents either way. The Skywalker and Solo clans are starting to pull back together, with the obvious exception of Jacen. Jag Fell comes back and is around Jaina. I hope good things come from it.

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