Star Wars: Legacy of the Force #2
Karen Traviss
3 stars

oh man. This was reading Episode III all over again.

Jacen has completely fallen to Lumiya’s lies about the Sith and is only one step from becoming a true Sith. Boba Fett looks for his daughter, finds his granddaughter. At least one of the ARC’s[from RC] is alive, so Fett is trying to find him to find the anti-aging gene therapy he must have used. Ben is falling sway to to Jacen, but sees the evil in what Jacen is doing.

The book ends without anything being wrapped up[of course, it is a 9 book series]. Jacen has come to think he must kill Tenel Ka and their daughter to become a Sith Lord able to save the galaxy from war. He is truly warped.

I have no idea where this series is going to go. If LotF ends up being all Eastern and Everything is Right, Nothing is wrong, then I will be done with StarWars when this series ends.

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