The Dark Tide

The Dark Tide
Iron Tower #1
Dennis McKiernan
3 stars

I read these in highschool and my second year of Bibleschool. My initial reaction was “total Tolkien ripoff”. Now I’m not so sure. It is a Tolkien knockoff of Middle Earth, with elves, dwarves, men, warrows[hobbits, just a bit more warlike] and the such, but the story is a bit more unique I can see this time through. Evil Modru is stalking the land, and his minions are protected from Adons ban[death by sunlight] by the Dimmendark. Follows 4 warrows in their adventures, as they start together in the Boskeydells and to their separation at the Fall of Challeron Keep.

Don’t think about Tolkien[ie, comparing it] and you’ll enjoy this. If you compare them though, this doesn’t come off very good. So don’t ๐Ÿ™‚

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