Lost and Found

Lost and Found
Taken #1
Alan Dean Foster
2 stars

the first in the TAKEN trilogy. A man is kidnapped by aliens, held in a ship along with many other lifeforms, to be eventually sold as a “novelty” piece of entertainment to the highest bidder. A dog has also been taken and given enhanced intelligence to boost his price. These 2, along with 2 other aliens, stage a revolt and break free. Get in contact with a good force of aliens, but have no idea where their homeworld is, so they can’t go back to earth. Ends with all 4 companions vowing to leave the aliens homeworld and search for their own homeworlds.

Light, but crass humor dragged it down. I ordered the trilogy omnibus from the SFBC, but I’m not sure that order made it, so if I replace the order, I’ll leave the trilogy out. Not worth buying.

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