Chainfire #2 / Sword of Truth #10
Terry Goodkind
3 stars

Oh man.

Kahlan is captured by Jagang but doesn’t have her memories. Richard disbands the D’Haran army to destroy the Old World instead of facing the Imperial Order. Richard loses his magic, all of it, is captured by the Witch Woman Six and ends up as a prisoner of the Imperial Order, and joins a Ja’La league to vent his hatred of the Order.

Goodkind is such a fantastic author! I can’t wait for the conclusion of this series. At least once it is done I won’t be tempted to buy them anymore. Why must he put in what he did to ruin this? Homosexuality, graphic acts of violence and such, while furthering the story, make it impossible for me to own these. Which is too bad, because this is some of the best writing I’ve read in a long time.

/edit 2013
I no longer think Goodkind is a “good” author.

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