The Younger Gods

The Younger Gods
The Dreamers
David Eddings
Leigh Eddings
1 star

I was 100% disappointed in this ending of this series. I picked up about 4 different phrases that were completely overused. This whole series seemed to be about being as shallow as possible and overusing specific phrases. Once again, I place all the blame squarely on Leighโ€™s shoulders. She has ruined the Eddings reputation in the fantasy circle as far as Iโ€™m concerned.

A pathetic whimpering ending to a pathetic whimpering series…

2 thoughts on “The Younger Gods

  1. So, yeah, this was terrible, I wish we’d both been on LT then so I could have saved you the pain of reading this. I wish the publisher would just pull them all off the market so Eddings could go out with a better ending to his career.

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    1. I knew from the first book that this series was going to be a real dumpster fire, but man, it was Eddings so I had to finish it. What a horrible end to a decent career. I’m just glad he’s dead so he can’t embarrass himself any more ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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