Republic Commando Omnibus #1 (Star Wars)

Republic_Commando_Volume_1 (Custom)Hard Contact

Triple Zero

Star Wars: Republic Commando

Karen Traviss

3 Stars



this was a fantastic book. Followed a group of specialized clone troopers [commandos]. Made them human, and revealed a lot of details about what a raw deal the clones got. Engineered to die within 20 years. Created, train, fight, die. Terrible. It was cool to read a StarWars book not centered on the Jedi, even tho Jedi were involved.

3 thoughts on “Republic Commando Omnibus #1 (Star Wars)

    1. The series was cut out from under Traviss at “The 501st” where the Republic Commandos became Vader’s hit squad. Something to do with the tv show idea of the Mandalorians taking precedence over everything Traviss had written to date about them :-/

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