Dark Nest Trilogy

Dark Nest Trilogy
Star Wars
Troy Denning
81 / 1 star

Consisting of:
The Joiner King
The Unseen Queen
The Swarm War

after the NJO series.

I did not like this series. Jaina isn’t with Jagged Fel but with that loser Zekk, Ben Skywalker is withdrawing from the Force, Jacen has daugher with Tenel Ka, and a badly damaged Jedi joins with some bugs and becomes “dangerous”. Besides not liking how it turned out, the ideas about the Force are very buddhistic, and I don’t like Jacen, becoming more like Anakin Skywalker right before he became Darth Vader. Poor writing, stupid story, bugs as badguys? Come on, give me a break. This was a waste of paper and my time.

By far the worst bit of plot AND writing I have come across in the Star Wars Universe. Even The Truce at Bakura and The Crystal Star were a joy to read compared to this!

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