The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles
Patricia Wrede
middle grade fantasy
87 / 4stars

Consisting of:
Dealing with Dragons
Searching for Dragons
Calling on Dragons
Talking to Dragons

this was light, hilarious “turn the typical fairytale on it’s head” type stories. Just so enjoyable. A princess who doesn’t want to be a typical princess. So she becomes a dragon’s princess to escape. Her adventures vs wizards, falling in love with the King of the Enchanted Forest, and her son’s adventure in freeing his father.

2 thoughts on “The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

    1. Up through some time in 2006 I was using my own complicated grading system that had no basis on anything real. So the star rating is when I retroactively rated them when I first joined devilreads in 2007. I kept the old numbers because they were a part of how I did my reviews back then.

      So a dual rating to show the old system and the new.


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