Silver on the Tree

Silver on the Tree
The Dark is Rising #5
Susan Cooper
84 / 4 stars

The Dark is Rising series concludes. I enjoyed it as a whole, but while it was written mainly for children, I would be very hesitant to read it to younger kids because of the extreme Dualistic worldview. The Dark’s whole purpose is to terrorize and subjugate mankind, while the Light, supposedly it’s complete opposite, seems only to exist to oppose it; not to bring peace and happiness to all. A good read, but wouldn’t let preteens or early teens read it without some serious discussion about it all.

6 thoughts on “Silver on the Tree

  1. I haven’t read this one, but I’ve really enjoyed some other DIR books. You are right, they are super pagan. I enjoy learning about pre-Christian British paganism from them, but it’s best taken in small doses as it all seems to be power struggles & machinations.

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