The Stone of Tears

The Stone of Tears
The Sword of Truth #2
Terry Goodkind
86 / 3 stars

I see why this series really took off. This volume reminded me alot of Jordan’s WoT series. They must be drawing from the same old sources of myth and legend. Several terms and circumstances were close. Really good but Goodkind seems intent of dwelling on the sexual side of things. Nothing explicit in this volume, but graphic enough to make me not read anymore. I would recommend Wizard’s First Rule as a standalone and forget the rest.

2 thoughts on “The Stone of Tears

    1. I don’t know, I seem to remember there was graphic enough sex in later books too.
      I thought it was good fantasy the first time I read it. Then I re-read the first book recently and man, I’m not touching Goodkind’s writing again!


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